Secure gate access, vigilant staff and safe pickups

Ensuring the safety and security of your precious little ones is our top priority at Randpark Ridge Montessori. We’ve implemented a comprehensive set of security measures designed to provide peace of mind for parents and a safe environment for our students.

  • Controlled Access: To maintain a secure campus, we have established a policy where parents are not permitted to enter the school premises unless they have a scheduled appointment or when dealing with a child experiencing separation anxiety. This approach ensures that we can closely monitor who enters our school grounds and keeps our focus on safeguarding our students.
  • Diligent Gate Staff: Our dedicated gate staff members are on duty from 06:30 to warmly receive learners as they arrive. Additionally, we have a staff member on duty at the gate from 13:20 afternoons to facilitate a smooth and secure dismissal process. We greatly appreciate your cooperation in adhering to our pick-up times.
  • Safe Pick-Up Procedures: When picking up your children, we kindly request that parents/guardians approach the gate. Identifying individuals inside vehicles can sometimes be challenging, and we prioritise our children’s safety by keeping them from walking around unsupervised among the cars waiting. Suppose there are any changes in the person responsible for picking up a child, we require that the class teacher is notified in advance with details of the new guardian and the vehicle they will be using.
  • Security Partner: We’ve partnered with TROJAN, a reputable security company, to fortify our safety measures further. Their presence during drop-off and pick-up times and proximity to the school ensure rapid response to any security concerns.
  • Video Surveillance: Our commitment to safety extends to our video surveillance system. Cameras strategically positioned in and around the building are connected to a recording system. While parents do not have direct access to the footage, we offer a sense of security, knowing that visual recordings can be made available whenever needed, enhancing transparency and security.

At Randpark Ridge Montessori, we’re dedicated to creating a secure and nurturing environment for your children.
Our comprehensive security measures testify to our unwavering commitment to their safety and well-being.


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