english writing program

a Unique program that empowers students for future success

Our unique programs are designed to empower students with valuable skills and experiences that will set them on a path to success. 
At Randpark Ridge Montessori, we understand the importance of solid writing skills in a student’s educational journey. 
Our RRM English Writing program is a comprehensive approach to
developing practical writing skills tailored for students in grades 2 through 7.

       Key Features:

  • Based on a Proven Curriculum: Our program is based on the Institute for Excellence in Writing curriculum. This reputable foundation ensures our students receive high-quality instruction and support in their writing journey.
  • Building Blocks Approach: Effective writing starts with a strong foundation. Our program systematically teaches ideation, planning, and creativity skills as essential building blocks for writing. Students learn to generate ideas, organise their thoughts, and express themselves creatively.
  • Diverse Writing Styles: Our program covers various writing styles, from informational and transactional texts to creative and expressive pieces. We aim to equip students with the versatility to excel across multiple writing contexts.
  • Grade-Level Focus: Our program is designed to cater to students in grades 2 through 7, ensuring that each child receives age-appropriate guidance and instruction to enhance their writing skills progressively.


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