Explore growth in our nurturing preschool

Welcome to our nurturing preschool section, where young minds embark on an exciting journey of discovery and growth!

Our preschool is thoughtfully divided into two classes to cater to the specific needs and ages of your little ones.
The older group is tailored for children aged 3 turning 4 and 4 turning 5. In comparison, our younger group welcomes children aged 2 turning 3 and those as young as 18 months turning 2.

Our dedicated and qualified educators are at the heart of our preschool, who are committed to providing a nurturing and stimulating environment for your child’s early development. We proudly blend the renowned Montessori approach with other effective teaching philosophies to create a well-rounded curriculum.

Learning should be a joyful adventure, and that’s precisely what we offer! Our teaching style is informal, engaging, and fun. We utilise a rich array of sensory, motor, art, cognitive and life skills activities to spark curiosity and foster a love for learning in your little ones.

We understand the importance of nutrition in a child’s growth and development. Therefore, our preschool fees include breakfast and snack boxes for both breaks. We encourage healthy eating habits, with lunch boxes typically filled with wholesome goodies such as sandwiches, fruits and yoghurt. Occasionally, a small treat may find its way in to add a touch of sweetness.

For families considering full-time aftercare, we provide a cooked lunch option. As a bonus, children enrolled in full-time aftercare also enjoy our holiday care program at no extra cost, ensuring continuity and convenience for busy parents.

The smiles, laughter, and occasional tears when they can’t come to school speak volumes about the happiness and sense of belonging our preschool instil in each child. We invite you to be a part of our warm and nurturing preschool community, where every day is an adventure in learning and growing.


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