intermediate phase

Pathway to academic and personal advancement

Welcome to our Intermediate Phase, the stepping stone to academic progress and personal growth. In our intermediate phase, we nurture young learners from grades 4 to 7, offering a supportive and enriching environment to prepare them for the exciting journey ahead.

Our approach is divided into two classes: Grades 4-5 and Grades 6-7, each with its unique focus and purpose.
In the Grades 4-5 class, we carefully receive our young, eager learners from grade three and take the next stride in guiding our learners towards independence in thinking and learning. It’s a crucial stage where we lay the foundation for their academic growth. In the Grades 6-7 class, we aim to cultivate fully mature independent learners, equipping them to tackle the challenges that lie ahead in their final years of high school. In this phase, the curriculum becomes more formal, and we prepare them for various teaching approaches they may encounter. While leaning on the CAPS curriculum content, we strongly emphasise teaching practical thinking, study, and writing skills.

One of our key strategies is building sustained attention. We achieve this by extending work sessions focusing on a single learning area, ensuring our students can delve deep into their subjects. At most, two subjects are covered in one day. Our dedicated and skilled staff offers expertise in all subjects, eliminating the constant shuffle between classes and creating a stable and conducive learning environment, allowing for a concentrated and productive learning experience.
To provide clarity and structure, we furnish a clear work schedule for each learning area every term,
outlining specific goals and assignments to be completed.

We believe in the power of collaboration between teachers and parents. Together, we work diligently to help our students achieve their academic and personal goals. At our Intermediate Phase, we’re committed to nurturing young minds, fostering independence,
and preparing them for a bright and prosperous future.


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