In-house Extramural Activities

we include co-curricular and extramural activities with pride

As part of our commitment to providing a holistic learning experience, we are proud to include co-curricular and extramural activities daily from 13:20 to 14:00 in our fee structure. These activities offer a valuable extension of our students’ education, fostering personal growth, teamwork, and a zest for exploration.

For our Grade 4-7 students, Tuesdays are exclusively reserved for extra lessons to support their academic journey, ensuring that they excel inside and outside the classroom. The remaining weekdays are brimming with exciting activities that may change from term to term. These activities may vary, and in the past, we offered from developing creativity through art and honing sporting skills in soccer, netball, volleyball, Zumba, and pilates to nurturing green thumbs in gardening, honing public speaking prowess and delving into the world of drama, our students have many options to explore. These choices are primarily influenced by our teachers’ expertise and our students’ interests.
They may change from term to term.


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