holiday care program

we are dedicated to offering a safe and enjoyable environment for your children throughout the school holidays

Welcome to the Randpark Ridge Montessori Holiday Care Program, where our commitment is to provide a secure and enjoyable environment for your children during school holidays. In our pursuit of enriching your child’s experience, we are excited to introduce our Holiday Care program.

For families enrolled in options 1-3 of our Aftercare Program, we are delighted to offer the added benefit of our Holiday Care program at no extra cost. This means your child can seamlessly transition from their daily after-school routine into our engaging holiday activities. However, we also welcome children from both RRM and other educational institutions to participate in our Holiday Care for a nominal additional fee. Whether your child is a regular member of our aftercare program or attending from another school, we are eager to provide a fun and enriching holiday experience for all.

Our Holiday Care is aligned with the four-term academic year. We are here for preschool and primary school children during the March/April, June/July, and October holidays. Please note that Randpark Ridge Montessori is closed during the December holidays to allow our dedicated staff to rest and recharge, ensuring they return fully energised for the following academic year.

One of the highlights of our Holiday Care is including a freshly cooked meal, regardless of the aftercare option your child has chosen.
We believe in providing a holistic experience that nurtures the mind and body.

At Randpark Ridge Montessori, we’re not just educators but caregivers committed to your child’s well-being and happiness.
Join us in providing your child with an after-school and holiday experience that is safe, fun, and enriching.


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