Inspire and empower your child's educational journey

Welcome to our vibrant Foundation Phase at Randpark Ridge Montessori!
Here, we set the stage for a remarkable educational journey that will inspire and empower your child.

Our Foundation Phase spans from Grade R through Grade 3, forming the critical early years of your child’s educational adventure. Within this phase, we have two classes. The first class welcomes Grade R and Grade 1 students, while the second class is home to our Grade 2 and Grade 3 learners. In the spirit of the Montessori method, we embrace multi-level classrooms, fostering an inclusive and supportive learning environment where children of varying ages learn side by side.
This approach promotes collaboration, empathy, and a sense of community among our students.

At Randpark Ridge Montessori, we take a unique approach to curriculum. We seamlessly blend Montessori’s practical, multi-sensory approach with the content outlined in the national CAPS curriculum. This fusion results in a comprehensive and dynamic curriculum that harnesses the best of both worlds.

Our team of dedicated and qualified educators is deeply passionate about children and teaching. They leave no stone unturned in their commitment to ensuring every child thrives. We understand that each child is unique, so we tailor our teaching methods to create individualised programs for every student,¬†fostering an environment where every child’s potential is fully realised.

Healthy habits start early in life, which is why we encourage parents to provide nutritious meals in lunchboxes for our two breaks during the day. Hydration is also crucial, so we encourage plenty of water to energise young minds and bodies.

At Randpark Ridge Montessori, we’re not just building an educational foundation but nurturing a lifelong love for learning and healthy living. Join us on this exciting journey, where your child’s potential knows no bounds.
Together, we’ll create a bright and promising future for every young mind in our care.


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17 Troupant Place, Randpark Ridge