Philly Muthala

I love and enjoy working at Randpark Ridge Montessori because we are like one big family. There is love, respect and good communication. It is a place where learners become the best version of who they are. What I love the most is seeing our little ones in our preschool classes become independent from an early age.

Boitumelo Mmakgabi

Randpark Ridge Montessori is an exhilarating experience where my passion comes to life while collaborating with young minds. I find immense joy in making a positive impact in their lives. In turn, I grow and evolve as a result of that experience.


Elomie van der Merwe

I love working at Randpark Ridge Montessori because of the culture of inclusion and positivity. I have been working here since 2018, and it is still my happy place. The school has a low teacher-to-student ratio, that I love. RRM allows me to work closely with each student, making my teacher interactions more satisfying and rewarding.


Annelize Cloete

I have a passion for children and love to see them grow and develop into their personalities. I have a background in the SAPS, where I worked with vulnerable children and feel very protective of all children. My belief in the uniqueness of each child led me to my journey in education, where I endeavour to shape young minds. Children are natural born Investigators, and their curiosity needs to be stimulated.


Cindy Ellis

I love working at RRM because of the diverse group of students and teachers. We learn from each other and accept and understand one another's differences. Teaching is highly gratifying, and I get the opportunity at RRM to see how children progress academically and non-academically as rounded people and future citizens. Implementing inclusion at RRM is something that brings me great joy. Allowing everyone to share their unique ideas and perspectives and having shared respect for each other helps to kindle decent, upright individuals.


Karin Keyser

RRM is a once-in-a-lifetime working experience! Life is what we make of it. At RRM, the culture of and in the school makes for both a lovely "job" and work experience. It is a great team, beautiful kids to teach and good facilities. It is a workplace where you can make a difference and enjoy it!


Yamisa April

My passion is to make a difference. Working with special needs kids is a privilege, a journey that taught me patience and unconditional love. Not only do they learn from me, but they also teach me something every day. Our school is an environment that embraces all learners, irrespective of their differences, where a team has become a family.

Tamia Pretorius

Working with special needs kids is a continuous journey but highly fulfilling. I will always be grateful to make a difference in a child's life, big or small. Every day, I teach them something new, and they teach me something new. It is truly a fantastic experience.

Gloria Moyo

I have found great purpose in my passion for working with children with special needs. Pursuing this has made me understand the importance of accepting everyone and anyone as they are. It also taught me that anything is possible if you don’t give up.


Thandizile Mbulawa

While working at Randpark Ridge Montessori, I have learnt the importance of giving love and kindness to children because they are our future.


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